Saturday, December 27, 2008

2009 Changes! 2008 Customers please read!

Hey everyone! I'm currently working and tweaking all the changes for 2009.
All 2008 customers that have not ordered yet, has until Dec. 31st , 2008 to get the old pricing. If I get your order in 2009, you will be charged the new 2009 prices.

Some of the things that have been changed:

1. Seniors will only be getting 1 session. If you want a second session, you will be able to pay 1/2 the senior setting fee.

2. All setting fees are being raised and are due 1 week after the appointment has been made. I will not mark your appointment down in pen until the session fee is in hand.

3. Regular portraits will have 1 week to order and seniors will have 2 weeks to order.
This will hopefully elimate all the open orders that I have from July/August still.

4. Ala Carte and Packages will be changed

5. I will be giving gifts away and having early ordering incentives. Some examples are:
3x3 mini accordians, photo magnets, 5x7 photo calendars and more.

I'll update you when I have everything in place on my site!

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