Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Model Search

I'm in search of 1 cute little girl who wears size 6-9 month. I'm in contract with a few etsy sellers, so I will be needing some cute models to showcase their stuff. The first items I'm recieving is from Three Yellow Starfish. You can see more of her stuff here
She is sending me some cute little bloomers and a pinafore in the size 6-9 month. Since I have boys-I'm off to seach for the perfect little girl!
What is in it for you? A FREE photoshoot wearing her items and your little girl in her adverstisements. She will be sending me lots of more stuff, so you might even get to keep some of it.
If you have that cute little girl, that can stand assisted and are interested, please email me at for more information.

And be on the lookout for more model searches once I get my other items from the other sellers.

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